Call for Candidates – 2017 Board of Directors Election

Date:                     5/6/17
To:                         MAR Membership
Subject:                Call for Candidates – 2017 Board of Directors Election

This message is a call for candidates announcement to persons who may be interested in serving as a board member of Mid-Atlantic Robotics.  You are receiving this message as a member of MAR who is eligible to serve on the governing body.  You may submit yourself to be a candidate for the Board or you may nominate another member in accordance with the process below.  Each nomine will need to complete the Candidate Response Form that accompanies this message.  Also enclosed is a Job Description for the Director position.

In accordance with the Corporation’s Bylaws, a Nominating Committee will review credentials of candidates and endorse the number appropriate to fill the Director terms that are expiring June 30.  Those who are not endorsed may indicate during the meeting of the Board of Directors that immediately precedes the Annual Meeting their intention to be listed on the ballot without endorsement.  This meeting is currently scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 2017.

There are four Directors whose terms will expire this year.  Three incumbents are NOT eligible to be on this year’s ballot, while one director is eligible for an additional term.  This means that at least three other individuals will need to be identified to join the Board.

MAR is seeking individuals who have expertise to drive improvements in MAR business operations, in addition to individuals who can lead the operational aspects of the organization.  In particular, we are seeking an individual who has the skills to serve as the Treasurer of the organization.  This position is critical to the success of MAR, but requires a significant commitment of time and energy.  Individuals who have an interest in this role should consider carefully the time commitment associated with this responsibility.

If there are more than five candidates, an election will be conducted by secret ballot.  This will conclude during the Annual Meeting, which is scheduled to be conducted on June 17, 2017 at location to be announced later.

The following is the schedule for the 2017 Election cycle:

May 06                 Call for candidates to be circulated
May 12                 Deadline for candidates to submit
Candidate Response Form
May 19                 Nominating Committee reports to Board.  Non-endorsed candidates may express desire to be included on 2017 ballot during Board meeting.
May 26                 Deadline by which EACH candidate must submit a Candidate’s Statement not to exceed 250 words to support candidacy to be available to electorate.
May 31                 Voting eligibility determined by MAR Membership role on this date.
June 01                Deadline by which ballot must be available for membership voting
June 17                Annual Meeting at which election will conclude and results announced

The following two documents are linked below and hosted on our website:

  1. Job Description of Board Member
  2. Candidate Response Form

Candidate Response forms are to be sent to Bill Garfield at

An acknowledgement of receipt will be provided to each candidate.