Why should I volunteer for FIRST Mid-Atlantic?

FIRST Mid-Atlantic is primarily run by a group of volunteers from the FIRST Mid-Atlantic board all the way down to the those who fulfill varying roles at our events. Without our group of extremely enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented volunteers, FIRST Robotics and FIRST Mid-Atlantic would not be possible. No matter what his/her role is, each volunteer adds to the experience of the event. These events provide opportunities for volunteers to be a part of something bigger than themselves – providing quality experiences to each and every team who attend each of our events.

What kind of roles can I volunteer for?

There is an extensive list of volunteer positions at the FIRST Robotics volunteer positions page.

Great! Where do I sign up to volunteer?

FIRST Mid-Atlantic hosts events in various locations throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. To sign up for these events, to the VIMS system.