Start/Mentor a FRC Team

What is FIRST Robotics?

FIRST Robotics aims to inspires students into careers of science and technology through building robots. Founded by Dean Kamen in 1989, FIRST Robotics aims to build the leaders of tomorrow by immersing them in a microcosm of the real world with high-pressure, team oriented activities that build communication skills, leadership and confidence. For more information, visit the FIRST Website.

What is the FIRST  Robotics Competition (FRC) Program and how is FIRST Mid-Atlantic involved?

The FRC program at FIRST focuses primarily on high school students. At the first weekend of January, FIRST releases a game that is played on a basketball-sized playing field. Students are given 6 weeks to conceptualize, prototype, design, build, and program a robot to compete against each other in various tournaments. FIRST Mid-Atlantic was formed to conduct the FIRST Robotics Competition in the regions of New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania by organizing events and supporting teams.

What is the impact of FIRST Robotics?

Here are a few documents from the FIRST website summarizing the impact:

Additional documents on the impact of the various FIRST programs can be found in the FIRST Resource Library.

How do I mentor an existing team or start a team?

For resources on starting an FIRST Robotics Competion team, there are many great resources on the FIRST website.

To see if there is an existing team by you, use the team locator tool on the FIRST website.

If you would like to start an FRC team, or if you want to become a mentor for an existing FRC team, send an email to