Donald Bowers Inspiration Award Information

The Donald Bowers Inspiration Award recognizes individuals who instill the values of FIRST within their team and community. Since 1995 Donald has served FIRST in our region, initially facilitating the development of regionals and later serving as Regional Director within our community. Donald had an unmistakable presence at FIRST events – one that welcomed each and every student, encouraging them to pursue their passions with humility and compassion. His legacy to inspire students is embedded deep within the roots of FIRST Mid-Atlantic.

Each team attending a FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Event may submit one individual for consideration at each district event who has impacted and inspired their team. The candidate may be a mentor, volunteer, parent, or sponsor. The 500 word (maximum) essays will be collected at pit admin. The deadline for submission is the start of opening ceremonies. The recipient will be selected by an honored guest at each event, and will be presented alongside the Outstanding Volunteer Award prior to alliance selection.

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